Due to the competitive nature of the automotive industry, staffed events have become a huge part of doing business at dealerships. They are essential to edging out your competition by generating more traffic and gross in a 3 to 5 day sale then most stores see in a month. Plus the event gives your sales staff plenty of residual leads to follow up on throughout the rest of the month.

With over 25 years of automotive retail experience we bring the cream of the crop talent directly to your door.  We provide real life hands-on training throughout the event for managers, finance, as well as sales people.  Our #1 goal is to provide a professional, profitable service to our dealer clients.  


"Wow. The most traffic and biggest event we've ever had. We have tried others, but these guys are the real deal"
GM / Owner
Chevy Store

"Hey they were right, we had seen a decline in traffic overtime using the other guys, but when we paid for the advertising directly, WOW what a difference!"

Ford Store

"Our managers and salespeople have grown by leaps and bounds just by learning the techniques from working with the G.A.S.E sales team!"
Ford Store

Specialized in Staffed Events

We also do Tent Sales

As Well as Off Site Events

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